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refinishing hardwood stairs with golden oak stain

Refinishing Hardwood Stairs with Golden Oak Stain

Hardwood Refinishing Service recently took on a fascinating project, bringing life back to a home’s staircase and second floor for Redesign Floors. We’re all about hardwood, and this project allowed us to combine our expertise with artistic touches to make the space look fabulous.

Our job was to refresh the stairs and second floor, and it needed a bit of preparation to make it shine. We used a Golden Oak stain, which enhanced the wood’s natural look and added a warm color that went well with the home’s style. To protect and seal the wood, we used a water-based Loba EasyFinish. It’s good for the environment and dries quickly, making it easier for the homeowner.

The results were amazing. The stairs and second floor now look fantastic, adding timeless charm to the home. The Golden Oak stain and Loba EasyFinish showed our dedication to bringing out the best in hardwood.

If you’re thinking about giving your hardwood surfaces a makeover, we’re here to help. Contact us, and we can work together to make your space just as beautiful as this project.

Thanks for thinking of us for your hardwood needs. We’re excited to work with you and make your space look amazing.

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