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Refinishing Hardwood Floor in George W. Smith House – Frank Lloyd Wright

Hardwood Refinishing Service embarked on a unique project with Orient Flooring, that involved the installation of 1 1/4-inch red oak hardwood flooring and a landing in the iconic George W. Smith house, designed by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. Additionally, we took on the meticulous task of sanding the staircases, ensuring the home’s architectural integrity was preserved.

Refinishing Floors and Stairs in Frank Lloyds Wright Designed House in 404 Home Ave, Oak Park

The significance of working on a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home cannot be overstated. We approached this project with a deep sense of respect for the architectural legacy and a commitment to maintaining the original vision of the home.

The George W. Smith House is an exquisite example of Wright’s architectural mastery, strikingly resembling his earlier “bootleg” houses. The simple shingle siding in a muted brown palette, the steeply pitched roof, and the thin, towering chimneys pay homage to the distinctive features of Wright’s early designs. Notably, the roofs gently flare as they extend over the supporting walls, mirroring the flared band of siding that extends from the lower portion of the exterior.

Our installation of 1 1/4-inch red oak hardwood flooring and landing seamlessly integrated with the home’s architectural elements, paying tribute to the timeless design principles laid out by Frank Lloyd Wright himself. The red oak complemented the home’s character, enhancing its natural beauty and breathing new life into the interior spaces.

Sanding the staircases was another essential aspect of this project. Our team executed this task with great attention to detail, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood and preserving the historical charm of the home’s interior.

The result was a harmonious marriage of timeless architecture and expert craftsmanship. The red oak flooring and landing, along with the rejuvenated staircases, revitalized the George W. Smith House, preserving its historical significance while infusing it with a fresh, inviting atmosphere.

If you have a project that demands precision, expertise, and a deep understanding of architectural heritage, Hardwood Refinishing Service is here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today and discover how we can honor the legacy of your home with the same level of commitment demonstrated in this remarkable Frank Lloyd Wright project.

Thank you for considering us for your hardwood floor needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and enhance the beauty and historical significance of your space.

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