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Refinishing Factory Prefinished Maple Hardwood Floor in Northbrook

Challenging Refinishing of Factory Prefinished Maple Hardwood Floor

In the tranquil community nestled behind the fire station on Shermer Rd in Northbrook, Illinois, we took on a remarkable project in collaboration with Orient Flooring: refinishing a factory-finished maple hardwood floor. This undertaking presented unique challenges due to the exceptional hardness of both the wood and the existing finish.

Our skilled Hardwood Refinishing Service team confronted the task head-on, employing sanding paper with grit ratings far lower than the standard. In some areas, we had to utilize an impressive 16-grit paper, highlighting the extreme hardness of the wood. This meticulous process required precision and expertise to ensure the optimal outcome.

To restore the floor to its former glory and enhance its durability, we applied a Bona water-based finish, known for its resilience and eco-friendliness. This choice not only protected the wood but also contributed to the overall sustainability of the project.

The final result was a testament to our dedication to excellence. The factory-prefinished maple hardwood floor regained its natural beauty, boasting a rich, lustrous finish that complemented the retirement community’s serene surroundings.

This endeavor showcased our dedication to excellence, as we tackled the unique hurdles posed by the exceptional hardness of both the wood and the existing finish. If you have a flooring project that requires precision and expertise, trust us to deliver outstanding results that enhance the beauty and longevity of your space.

Thank you for considering Hardwood Refinishing Service for your flooring needs. We look forward to the opportunity to bring your vision to life with the same dedication and craftsmanship demonstrated in this Northbrook project.

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