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Old Floor Renovation in River Forest. Staining With Bona Nutmeg.

We undertook a renovation project in River Forest that required not only refinishing but also repairing and installing parts of the hardwood floors reviving the rich heritage of a home with nearly a century-old hardwood floors.

The floors, once dulled by time, now gleam with the deep, amber luster of Bona Nutmeg stain. Throughout the project, we see the transformation unfold. Initially, the rooms are a canvas of exposed wood and previous wear, showing the age and history of the space. As we progress, the rich grain of the wood begins to stand out, enhanced by the warm tones of stain, which complements the natural beauty of the hardwood.

Our team worked hard to preserve the character of the floors while updating them to meet the contemporary standards of durability and aesthetics. Using Bona Finish ensures a long-lasting sheen and protection, capable of withstanding the demands of a busy household.

New hardwood stairs were skillfully crafted to lead to the back door and basement, marrying functionality with elegance. Their seamless integration with the existing woodwork is a narrative of continuity. The upstairs required a keen eye for detail, where we conducted intricate repairs and installations, ensuring that every new piece felt like it had always been a part of the home’s storied fabric.

The before and after pictures demonstrate a change in color and finish and the revival of a home’s heart. The floors now offer a warm, inviting atmosphere, speaking to the home’s history and future. This project was a perfect blend of respecting the past and embracing modern living standards.

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