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Hannover Park Hardwood Floor & Stairs Installation With Water Barrier Glue

Complete Transformation in Hanover Park Townhome: 


Our recent project with Stand Up Flooring took us to a charming townhome in Hanover Park, where we had the privilege of completely transforming two floors and stairs. The project involved removing old Pergo flooring and carpets, followed by the installation of beautiful hardwood stairs and floors, ensuring durability and elegance throughout the home.

Removal and Preparation:

The project began with the removal of the outdated Pergo flooring on the first floor, three long stairs, and a landing. Additionally, we removed the carpets on the stairs and the second floor, revealing plywood underneath. This thorough preparation set the stage for a complete flooring makeover.

Hardwood Stairs Installation:

To elevate the home’s aesthetic and ensure longevity, Hardwood Refinishing Service installed stunning hardwood stairs with trims. The selection of red oak wood from Wisconsin, specifically the Select and Better kind, added a touch of sophistication to the entire staircase. Each step became a work of art, combining beauty and functionality.

Second Floor Hardwood Installation:

The transformation continued on the second floor, where we installed red oak hardwood flooring from Wisconsin. The Select and Better quality wood brought warmth and elegance to the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere that complemented the townhome’s interior design. The Wisconsin brand red oak wood used in this project was truly exceptional, featuring wood grain patterns that were extraordinary. Each plank bore a unique story, with intricate and mesmerizing patterns that added a sense of artistry to the floors. It was as if nature herself had painted a masterpiece on every surface, turning the installation into a work of art. This stunning wood not only elevated the aesthetic of the townhome but also served as a testament to the timeless beauty found in nature’s creations.

First Floor Engineered Wood Installation:

The first floor presented a unique challenge with its concrete subfloor. To overcome this, we employed innovative techniques. We installed Tekton unfinished engineered wood, implementing a water barrier glue across the entire area. This ensured the stability and longevity of the engineered wood flooring while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the home.

Loba EasyFinish Application:

To protect and enhance the newly installed hardwood and engineered wood floors, we applied three coats of Loba EasyFinish. This water-based finish is renowned for its durability and eco-friendliness, ensuring that the floors would remain beautiful and resilient for years to come.

The result of our efforts was a remarkable transformation. The Hanover Park townhome now exudes elegance and charm, with hardwood stairs, refined red oak floors, and durable engineered wood seamlessly integrated into the home’s design.

If you’re considering a flooring project, whether it’s installation, refinishing, or both, Stand Up Flooring is here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you achieve the flooring transformation of your dreams.

Thank you for considering Stand Up Flooring for your flooring needs. We take pride in our craftsmanship and look forward to the opportunity to enhance your space with the same dedication and expertise demonstrated in this Hanover Park townhome project.

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